Greetings from the School of Management & Social Sciences, Mewar International University Nigeria. As you are aware, the School of Management & Social Sciences, has been established as a Business-School & Incubation Center in the University. The School has contributed to Management Education through its full-time, residential courses which respond to contemporary demands placed on educational institutions. Nevertheless, the School is committed to achieving professional excellence in imparting management education along side the social commitment of inclusiveness and diversity.

The School has already achieved impressive growth in terms of its various academic related initiatives forging partnerships at the national and international collaboration in terms of student exchange, faculty research and extension activity. The course curriculum which meets the industry requirement, speaks of the intellectual distinction of the faculty. The pedagogy provides real time exposure and hands on training to the students to understand and analyze the business scenario. The activities of the students are spread out in such a way that there is skill building in the conceptual, application and analytical front, in
so much so that the School is accredited by leading corporate organizations for placement. The curriculum is designed and enriched with industry support and participation. The pedagogy is heavily interactive with a practical orientation, thus helping them in developing their competency and realize their full potential to contribute to the healthcare industry. The industry recognized the capability of our students by absorbing them and giving them challenging assignments both at the national and international level.

I take pride in sharing with you that here not only you will get theoretical exposure to work in the most leading industries but will have prepare you towards starting your own multi-million dollar ventures