Mewar International University (M.I.U.) Nigeria

Officially the first Indian University to establish its campus in Africa. The only truly International University in Nigeria

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“Mewar International University Nigeria is launched with a vision of Education for Knowledge, Peace & Prosperity”

Samer Khan, Co-Founder

Who We Are

Mewar International University (MIU) Nigeria the first Indian University in Africa is established to accelerate the motion of skill oriented international quality education. (MIU) Nigeria with ingenuity and drive, wants its future graduates to invent innovations, launch new industries, cater to the public health in all walks of life, manage businesses, be the leading law makers and create millions of jobs all across Africa. At the same time, and without the slightest sense of contradiction, MIU is profoundly a truly global University with its core essence hailing from the roots of lands of Maharajas, the Mewar Region of India where its academic advisory institution the Mewar Group of Institutions, for the past three decades has been providing truly affordable quality education to youth hailing from all across the world under the mission of reaching to the unreached.

Mewar University Nigeria truly makes you to wonder "Why go abroad, when abroad is here!".

What We Do

MIU Nigeria brings a blend of new and innovative cutting-edge education pedagogy, situated in a surreal natural atmosphere spread across area of hundreds of acres of land, next to the metropolitan Federal Capital Territory Abuja, at the border of Abuja and Nasarawa state enabling Nigerian youth from all across the nation to reach to the campus conveniently.

MIU at its academic core provides a platform for its students to be mentored by one of the best minds from across the globe while to build their non-curricular persona, the university offers a wide range of opportunities such as International Exchange programs & Internships, International Language Classes, special addon lectures and training by leading Industries and leaders, active sports activities on campus such as swimming, cricket, squash, football, horse-riding, boating, tennis & many more.

How we do it

M.I.U. Nigeria offers the most conducive teaching and campus environment with fully air-conditioned classrooms and hostels. The best of the best teaching fraternity is part of the faculty who groom and nurture the young minds who are admitted into M.I.U. Nigeria. From offering the best fees structure package to finding sponsors and even granting loans and scholarships, M.I.U Nigeria is doing the best to make higher education possible to all sections of the society.

To enable residential students to have one stop center for all their needs, MIU offers variety of on-campus residential facilities such as hostels, canteen, coffee shops & eateries, 24x7 Pharmacy, grocery stores, gaming center, Gym, highspeed internet, shopping complex, unisex salon and many more

Why We Do

M.I.U. Nigeria with the vision of reaching to the unreached youth through the mission of Education for Knowledge, Peace and Prosperity at its core, truly believes that if we teach one person then we have changed the life of an individual, while if we teach a community then we change a country, further if we teach the youth from all around then we have succeeded in changing the world for the better

There is an urging need to provide affordable quality education to the youth all across the world and M.I.U Nigeria wants to be the epitome of academic excellence to offer the programs which will be essential towards converting youth to be stakeholders of their societal needs.

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