Mewar International University (MIU) Nigeria is committed to provide a suitable environment, academic ambience and harmonious work place to all its stakeholders. The University endeavours that the persons with disabilities enjoy the right to equality, life with dignity and respect for his or her integrity equally with others. The University has provisions in place to support the differently abled.

Provisions for Differently abled students at MIU Nigeria

  1. Admission: The University management has reserved 5% seats dedicated for the differently abled applicants
  2. Access to buildings/Classrooms: In continuation to the facilities provided for differently abled students, the university has incorporated some desired features in its buildings also as given below:

    Tactile Pathway: Tactile Pathways are all across the campus for navigation purposes. The purpose of the guidance path surface is to guide differently abled people.

    Ramps: Ramps are constructed at entry of buildings all across the campus. The level difference between inside and outside the building is covered with ramp which enables a wheelchair user to enter in any building.

    Entrance: Entrance to every Block of the University is wide enough for a wheelchair to go in.

    No need for lifts: Through innovative design of making buildings longer and wider instead of taller, we have ensured that there will be minimum need to go on higher floors. This ensures that only one floor needs to be climbed and that too through a ramp based construct.

    Washrooms: Special washrooms for differently abled students are provided in all the buildings.

    Classrooms/Labs: Doors of every class and lab are wide enough to let the person on wheelchair to pass through. Additionally we went one step further ahead wherein we are accommodating only 25-30 students in a classroom to ensure easy mobility within the classrooms and labs.

  3. Counselling and Student Union: We ensure that their representation is not left out thereby we have a dedicated counsellor for all the differently abled student and also they have their own student club as well.


MIU Differently Abled Student support